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August 7, 2010

Lotte Mart Indonesia

Lotte Mart Indonesia

Lotte Mart Korea taking over from macro cash and carry in 2008 the Dutch company which consists of 18 outlets spread all over Indonesia. This month, August 2010, Lotte Mart reopen its 20th outlets of hypermarket with a new concept. These outlets locate in Gandaria area south of Jakarta.

Outlet with sales area more than 6000 m2 is expected to be the first store with a new strategy to introduce points system (cash back) for each value of certain customer’s transaction. Collaborating with BNI bank, lotte try to treat their customer with convenience shopping concept by using the facilities of the shopping card, where other retailers have using it first, like Carrefour with BCA, the Giant with Citi Bank, hypermarket with Bank Mandiri. Lotte Mart is also adding other facilities to their customers such as, present playground for children, and can eating of various sample for free.

Lotte mart with hypermarkets concept established in Korean 1998, later 12 years has developed into a major retailer that has 86 branches dikorea, China 78, Indonesia 20 and Vietnam two stores, current total is 185 outlets. With excellence global sourcing and supply chain systems, Lotte Mart is expected to compete with other retailers by providing a competitive price and other convenient facilities. Food and beverages distribution and heavy chemical industry group is fundamental asset for Lotte lead the retail industry in Asia.

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